ATSI and Relay Hawk Announce a Partnership

by Justin Massey

August 1, 2023


The Association of Teleservices International, Inc. (ATSI) and Relay Hawk are pleased to announce their strategic partnership to enhance the cybersecurity measures for the Telephone Answering Service (TAS) industry. By combining their expertise, ATSI, and Relay Hawk will work together to provide comprehensive security solutions tailored to the unique needs of answering services.

"Relay Hawk has improved how we approach security in our call center," said ATSI member Drew Ritter, Owner of Advantage TeleMessaging, Inc. "Their security recommendations have significantly enhanced our security posture, instilling confidence in our ability to protect our client's data. With Relay Hawk's partnership with ATSI, the answering service industry can elevate its security standards. This collaboration will ensure our clients a safer and more secure environment."

Why did ATSI partner with Relay Hawk?

Relay Hawk, the industry-leading cybersecurity company dedicated to serving the Telephone Answering Service (TAS) sector, is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for securing the IT infrastructure and TAS software for answering services. Spearheaded by Justin Massey, a seasoned professional with a strong background in IT administration, penetration testing, and cybersecurity software engineering, Relay Hawk brings a unique perspective rooted in firsthand knowledge—Justin's family owns and operates a call center themselves. This firsthand experience enhances Relay Hawk's ability to address the security needs of answering services, ensuring unparalleled protection for their critical operations.

"We are excited to partner with ATSI to deliver top-notch cybersecurity products to telephone answering services," said Justin Massey, Founder of Relay Hawk. "Our mission is to protect the sensitive data of answering service customers and empower businesses to thrive in a secure environment. This partnership allows us to combine our expertise with ATSI's extensive network and industry knowledge."

ATSI members can trust Relay Hawk to address their specific security concerns while maintaining excellent call quality. Unlike generic cybersecurity solutions, Relay Hawk understands the unique challenges faced by answering services and offers tailored security controls that don't compromise agent performance.

"Our members rely on us to connect them with trusted partners who can meet their industry-specific needs," said Jim Reandeau, President of ATSI. "With Relay Hawk, we are confident in delivering a cybersecurity solution that not only meets stringent industry requirements but also enhances the security posture of answering services."

What are the partnership benefits?

As part of the partnership, ATSI members will receive an exclusive 10% discount on Relay Hawk's pricing.

By working closely with ATSI, Relay Hawk aims to drive innovation within the TAS industry, encouraging TAS vendors to prioritize security features and continuously improve their offerings. Together, they will promote a culture of robust cybersecurity practices and elevate the industry's standards.

How do you take advantage of this partnership?

If you are an ATSI member and want to take advantage of this partnership, visit our ATSI Partnership page for more information.

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