Security for your IT infrastructure

Relay Hawk continuously inspects your cloud and IT infrastructure and provides recommendations to help thwart attackers.

Security for your it infrastructure 01

No security expertise is required.

Relay Hawk employees translate security terminology into language business leaders can relate to and make business decisions on. Don’t worry though, your IT team can read the in-depth technical details.

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Your systems are continuously monitored.

Relay Hawk monitors your infrastructure on an ongoing basis. You are notified when a change is detected so your team can react quickly and keep attackers at bay. Relay Hawk also sends a weekly summary email with key performance indicators to ensure your security is trending up.

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Collaborate with your entire team.

You can invite your entire team to use Relay Hawk at no additional cost. Your business leaders can review the findings, assign the IT team to fix issues, and review the status of the fixes. The IT team can log in and review the findings, see what they have been assigned, and check to see if their fixes are working.

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