ATSI + Relay Hawk’s Partnership

ATSI and Relay Hawk have partnered to provide a cybersecurity product tailored for answering services.

In the answering service industry, Relay Hawk knows every call counts. We partner with you to identify ways to improve the security of your business without sacrificing uptime.

We're here to help you with:

Ransomware Protection

Prioritize changes to reduce the likelihood of a ransomware attack.

Remote Operators

Address remote configuration issues before the attackers exploit them.


Meet security requirements like PCI and HIPAA with our continuous monitoring, vulnerability scanning, and penetration testing.

Self-Hosted TAS Systems

Identify security issues with your telecom software.

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“Relay Hawk has improved how we approach security in our answering service. Their security recommendations have significantly enhanced our security posture, instilling confidence in our ability to protect our client's data.”

Drew Ritter
Drew Ritter
Owner of Advantage TeleMessaging, Inc.

Why Relay Hawk?

We know the answering service industry.

Our founder has been working with answering services since 2007 and has presented at industry conferences such as ATSI and SNUG.

We analyze your business operations.

We work with your operators, supervisors, and business leaders to identify what security changes we can make to improve your security, but not get in the way of doing business.

We keep it simple.

We don't expect you to be an IT or security expert. We use terminology that you can relate to.

We work with your systems.

Every answering service is unique. We adapt to a wide range of systems and can provide security recommendations on them all.

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Protect your answering service

Relay Hawk provides a wide variety of security solutions to protect your answering service including risk assessments, vulnerability scanning, and penetration testing. Relay Hawk combines all of this into a single tool that will:

Identify and prioritize security issues

Automate the security checks

Monitor your systems for security issues on an ongoing basis