Website Monitoring

Relay Hawk monitors your website's availability, SSL certificates, and SSL configurations.

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Website availability monitoring

Relay Hawk monitors your websites and notifies you when they go offline before your customers send you a message. Relay Hawk monitors your websites, including your company website used for marketing and your customer portal.

Relay Hawk supports turn-key integrations, so you can start monitoring your site in less than five minutes.

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SSL expiration monitoring

Your business may manage multiple domains or subdomains, and your IT team must manually renew each SSL certificate. Your sales prospects and customers will receive a warning in their browser if they visit a site with an expired certificate. Relay Hawk can monitor your websites, notify you before your SSL certificates will expire, and make recommendations on automating this process.

Insecure TLS/SSL configurations

Relay Hawks website monitoring tool can identify security misconfigurations with how your business has configured your HTTPS website. Relay Hawk runs checks to identify SSL issues like the following,

  • Is your website running an outdated SSL version like SSLv3?
  • Is your website exploitable with a known TLS attack (e.g. Heartbleed, POODLE)?
  • Is your website running insecure cipher suites (e.g. RC4)?

Don’t fret if all of the previous security jargon is unfamiliar. Relay Hawk provides clear recommendations for you and your IT team so you can resolve the vulnerabilities without being a security expert.

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